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Murchison Falls National Park




The 3,840 square km Murchison falls National Park offers one a unique opportunity to observe lions prowling the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees through the rainforest undergrowth the same afternoon.


Expect to see elephant, buffalo, antelopes and giraffe and keep your fingers crossed for lion and leopard.

A few minutes drive from your room, the park is bisected by the Victoria Nile which races west, descending a series of rapids before exploding through a narrow gap in the cliffs. This 45m plunge, the eponymous falls drain the last of the river’s energy transforming the torrent into a broad, placid stream that flows quietly across the rift valley floor towards Lake Albert.


Take a boat cruise among resident hippos and crocodiles, Enjoy world class birding with over 450 unique and spectacular species.

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