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Why Bamboo?

Uganda’s natural bamboo groves are as neglected as it’s forests. While most associate bamboo resources and architecture with Asia, in fact Uganda has it's own 2 distinct indigenous species of this versatile giant grass and we intend to conserve and promote its cultivation and use.

Bamboo Village is the first bamboo structure of it's kind in East Africa, and in pursuance of establishing and promoting Uganda's bamboo industry we also established Bamboo Works Uganda. We enlisted experts from China's bamboo industry to provide training and consultation in Uganda.


Bamboo can form a sustainable alternative to harvesting timber for firewood and building materials and has a shallow root network which prevents topsoil erosion. Our bamboo building and plants are intended to showcase this proven, valuable and sustainable resource.

Our project is fully supported by The National Forestry Association of Uganda as part of the National Bamboo Strategy and Action Plan (ratified October 2019) the focus of which is on management of the country’s resources to provide economic, social and environmental benefits for all.

This is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda as well as national policies and planning frameworks like Uganda Vision 2040, the Uganda Forestry Policy 2001, the National Forest Plan 2012, the National Land Use Policy 2013 and so on.


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